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'Black Panther' Will Not Be Directed by Ava DuVernay, Director ConfirmsWell this is kind of a bummer. It’s been reported for some time that Marvel was considering Selma di [...]

'The Death of Superman Lives' Clip Features Nicolas Cage Costume Test FootageSuperman Lives is one of those great projects that might have been, like Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune [...]

Celebrate Independence Day By Watching Batman Sing 'God Bless America' On 'The Late Show With David Letterman'David Letterman gave the world many things during his years as a late-night talk show host, but toda [...]

'Legends of Tomorrow' Concept Art Teases Huge Battle, Plus Time Travel Talk From ProducerThe CW’s epic Legends of Tomorrow hasn’t even gone before cameras yet, though the initial teaser pre [...]

'Agent Carter' Season 2 Won't Explore 'Winter Soldier,' But New Marvel VillainsThe 1940s timeline of Marvel’s Agent Carter makes Peggy’s adventures seemingly difficult to connect [...]

It's a busy week as the first "Batman v Superman" figures arrive, new Comic-Con exclu [...]

Following last week's Marriage Equality ruling in the U.S., we want to see comic book covers fe [...]

ROBOT 6's Grumpy Old Fan continues his 30th-anniversary retrospective of "Crisis on Infini [...]

After only one encounter, Carter flies out to see Lee and continue their romance in Thom Zahler [...]

Stay in touch at home or on the go by following @CBR on Twitter and never miss breaking news, extens [...]

Top Cow's future series IXTH GENERATION returns -- with a Witchblade -- in #4. [...]

George Perez's world-building saga SIRENS continues in a preview of #4. [...]

Zack Snyder reveals how the concept for BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE began with a box of krypt [...]

Peggy Carter & Quake (a.k.a. Skye) get their own Action Figure variants to their September S.H.I [...]

Mad Max: Fury Road opened in Japan a few days ago and it means one thing: Japanese fans are now read [...]

The evening sky is overrated. Don’t go there for awesome fireworks. Look at these clips of video gam [...]

Ridley’s waiting for Samus atop the the Chozo Artifact Temple. Canadian LEGO builder Jared Rosenblit [...]

All classic TV show intros deserve a GTA V version. And The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is the perfect c [...]

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than engaging in some consumerism? Get every great d [...]

We're ending the week with a Review of Six Guns Lasers, a Traveller supplement.rnrnHave a Great [...]

Bite the Wax Tadpole!? Actually, it's about marketing in RPG settings! [...]

We're short of non-RPG reviews today. If you'd like to write about a recent board game, co [...]

Tales from the Rocket House continues its look at OD&D and how you can be Fidding with the Non-E [...]

Fuzzy Thinking says to Roll a d20 and Tim says to take a look at Cloaks, Courts, and Gonnes, a Thirt [...]

It’s a proven fact: Nicholas Cage can go with anything. The best thing so far, though? Nicholas Cage [...]

The Audubon Society has reported that the oldest tagged Bald Eagle in America has died at the age of [...]

In an excellent essay for, Pakistani author Usman Malik has a fantastic look at his home country, an [...]

Remember SyFy’s hilariously awful 2010 film Sharktopus , or its sequel, Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda? If [...]

A Texas man died last week when he was attacked by a massive swarm of bees when he hit a pipe contai [...]

GW Revamps Warhammer Fantasy With Age of Sigmar and New Army, Stormcast EternalsWith tomorrow’s issue #75 of White Dwarf, Games Workshop launches Warhammer Fantasy in to the Age of [...]

Asmodee Acquires Spot It!, Settling Lawsuit Between Divertis Properties and Blue Orange GamesOn Thursday, Asmodee announced that it had acquired the worldwide rights to Spot It!, also known as [...]

Swords and Bagpipes Kickstarter PreviewIf I described Moroz Publishing’s Swords and Bagpipes to you as a board game about the First War of  [...]

Snakes & Lattes: The ShowSnakes & Lattes, the Toronto board game cafe, is developing a comedy web series to be released t [...]

Malifaux Starter Set and Campaign System, Plus Board Game Due From Wyrd MiniaturesHitting retail in August and September from Wyrd Miniatures are: A Malifaux Two-Player Starter set ( [...]