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Cheryl Blossom's Taking Over In The Digital Collection Of 'Queen B' [Preview]As much as they've been getting coverage for the bold new direction in stuff like the reboot of [...]

All About 'You': Diversity is DC's Brightest Future, If It Has the Patience to Get ThereLast week there was a rumor going around that DC might pull the plug on its new 'DCYou' in [...]

Struggles And Journeys: Greg Pak On Building The World Of 'Kingsway West' [Interview]After years of working on characters like Superman and the Hulk, writer Greg Pak is finally launchin [...]

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About The PunisherEveryone loves comic book trivia, but with 75 years of superhero comics behind us right now, there’s [...]

Weisman and Stanton to Explore the College Hijinks of Scary Godlike Heroes in 'Starbrand & Nightmask'Starbrand & Nightmask. It sounds like a two-stage rejuvenating skincare treatment, but it's [...]

"Star Wars" director J.J. Abrams reveals what it was like to look C-3PO in the eye and giv [...]

The replica of the Dwarven kingdom of Erebor from "The Hobbit" stands 7 feet tall and weig [...]

Jon Moisan, who's worked at Marvel since 2011, is headed to the west coast for a new position a [...]

Stars Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux are showcased in the latest images from the 24th James Bond film, [...]

Illustrator Nate Powell discusses telling Congressman John Lewis' story in Top Shelf's [...]

Dan Abnett & Paulo Siqueira look to the past to create a new Teen Titans mythos. [...]

The world's largest manga publisher reaches a deal with Amazon for digital distribution of Engl [...]

Author Chelsea Cain discusses her comic book debut writing MOCKINGBIRD: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th ANNIVERSAR [...]

Activision is re-releasing an upgraded version of its DEADPOOL video game for next-gen gaming system [...]

Kindred Spirits on the Roof is a game about two ghosts who are eternally bound to a school—and the o [...]

Rage messages. Friendly connections. Outrageous stories. Scams. Duel invitations. We’d love to hear [...]

Last night, the storied American League of Legends team Cloud9 (C9) beat Team Liquid 3-1 in a best o [...]

You can e-mail us tips at tips@kotaku.com or send them directly to any of our writers . You can foll [...]

Let’s stream some Metal Gear Solid V. Eat it, Jimmy Kimmel .Read more... [...]

Today's column is Tales from the Rocket House, which looks at Equipment and Weapons and Gear in [...]

It's Monday, so of course we have a new Fuzzy Thinking (now with clerics). We've also got [...]

We're ending the week with a miscellany of RPG reviews. That starts off with Dan Davenport taki [...]

Our Pelgrane Press column gets really going today with a tidbit for Trail of Cthulhu: Druggist Frank [...]

Our week of reviews continues with three fantasy-oriented board games: Dungeon Bazar, Game Over, and [...]

I know in the Venn diagram of “science fiction lovers” and “classic Greek and Roman literature,” the [...]

Welcome to the monthly meeting of the io9 Book Club. This month, we’ve read Aurora by Kim Stanley Ro [...]

If you’ve been salivating for Star Wars: The Force Awakens without an outlet for that excitement, yo [...]

Things I love: Pegafish, Moo-dusa, “Release the cracker!” Things that are clear improvements over th [...]

The Hugo Awards are over, and the result was a dramatic rejection of the two “Puppies” campaigns to [...]

Mad Libs: The GameA Mad Libs party card game is being developed by Looney Labs under license from Penguin Young Reader [...]

Crowdfunding HighlightsThe theater department of Cleveland High School in Portland, Oregon has a history of adopting Paizo’ [...]

Game BlotterWhile a Washington state court was busy entering a default judgement against the no-show owners of a [...]

Warmachine and Hordes Rules are Now FREEHere’s an awesome piece of news that just grazed across my email tonight. Privateer Press has gone a [...]

GameGuard Plywood Boardgame OrganizersNeed a better way to store your games and all their expansions? Well if you own one of the games tha [...]