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15 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Facts in One Video. You're Welcome.‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is the biggest movie of 2014. It’s made over $750 million worldwide. Kids [...]

Ask Chris #221: Superman Takes Down The Clan Of The Fiery CrossQ: What's your favorite example of a comic having an effect on the real world? -- @jamesdeleech [...]

Best Art Ever (This Week): Princess Peach, The Dark Knight, Freddie Mercury, Fifth Element, Evil-Lyn And MoreWe make a regular practice at ComicsAlliance of spotlighting particular artists or specific bodies o [...]

'Multiversity' Colorist Nathan Fairbairn Explains 'Pax Americana' ProcessI'm sure more than one comic came out this week, but you wouldn't know that form my Twitte [...]

Nobrow Press Demands Your Attention With Auspicious Spring 2015 SlateThis year saw Nobrow earn Eisner nominations for Luke Pearson's Hilda and the Bird Parade (Best [...]

Meredith & David Finch's debut issue of "Wonder Woman" falls short in an uneven a [...]

The writers reveal why they're opting for the classic versions of both properties, which comedi [...]

The "Sex Criminals" artist will pen the cult favorite duck's new ongoing adventures a [...]

"Zap Comix," "Arcade" among additions to permanent collection! Greek cartoonist [...]

Showrunners David S. Goyer & Daniel Cerone discuss staying faithful to the character's Vert [...]

Fresh of his cameo in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Marvel's anthropomorphic duck duck becomes a pri [...]

The magic users of the DCU seem to be thwarted by the Spectre and Superman - can they still have a c [...]

Every preview for Marvel titles on sale November 26, 2014 including CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE MIGHTY A [...]

Here's an exclusive preview of next week's AMAZING X-MEN #13. [...]

Tom Cruise as Iron Man? Christopher Walken as Superman? It almost happened. Seriously. [...]

It's happening! World of Warcraft is about to turn 10. If you logged in today, you've alre [...]

Remember the Nintendo DS? That was the system with Mario Kart and Zelda and a Super Mario Bros. side [...]

Today's selection of articles from Kotaku's reader-run community: Super Smash Bros. for Wi [...]

Gawker Thanksgiving Recipe: Gwyneth Paltrow Slapping Martha Stewart In the Face | io9 This Deceptive [...]

Apparently, when you walk away from the new-gen versions of GTA V, all hell breaks loose. And the st [...]

Today Duets presents its Final Thoughts. Thanks to Kirk for an interesting and long-running column! [...]

We've got new reviews today, including comics, cards, and boards! [...]

Super Seeds continues with The Body Shop Part 2, a look at the parabody/superhero genre at the heart [...]

We've got our regular, joyous Fuzzy Thinking cartoon today, as well as a review of the Vow of H [...]

Our friends at Pelgrane Press have given us an exclusive preview of the Dracula Dossier, which you c [...]

The third movie in the Hunger Games series is supposed to be the one where the frame pulls back and [...]

The polar vortex was all over the news (and our thermostats) last year, and for many people that was [...]

Do you want to cast love spells? Exorcise demons? Subjugate your enemies? These and other arcane inv [...]

Inside Out is the latest animated film to come out of the hallowed halls of cartoonery, Pixar. The p [...]

Han purple is an ancient pigment that wasn't reconstructed by modern chemists until 1992. After [...]

Autism-Friendly Toy ShoppingToys “R” Us stores in the U.K. will be holding an autism-friendly shopping event on Sunday, November [...]

Kromore Roleplaying GameAnother Kickstarter success becoming available to the public, Kromore is an open-genre RPG with a mu [...]

Mars Attacks Dreadball TeamCome December you’ll be able to mix your love of Mars Attacks and Dreadball with the brand-new Red P [...]

Game BanditIt’s Teach Your Kids to Game Week at DriveThruRPG and select family-friendly titles are 50% off. Man [...]

Asmodee Acquires Fantasy FlightAsmodee is on a roll, aren’t they? After announcing that they were acquiring Days of Wonder only a s [...]