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ComicsAlliance Presents Here's The Thing, Episode 4: A Brief History Of Jack Kirby's Cadmus Institute [Video]If our weekly Ask Chris column isn't enough of definitive comic book (and pro wrestling) opinio [...]

Marvel and Icon Comic Book Releases for July 2014 [Solicitations]Courtesy of Marvel, ComicsAlliance brings you an advance look at new periodical comic books, collect [...]

'Beware The Batman' Returns May 10, Same Bat Channel… Way Different Bat TimeThe good news is that Beware The Batman Is Returning to television on May 10. The bad news is that B [...]

'Thrillbent 3.0′ Introduces Subscription Model, App, New 'Empire,' 'Insufferable,' 'Charlie Wormwood'Thrillbent, the digital comics publishing website founded by writers Mark Waid and John Rogers, has [...]

Diamond Select Toys Announces 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' MinimatesDiamond Select Toys and Art Asylum had a LOT of characters to choose from when putting together thei [...]

Humbero Ramos and Chris Samnee have illustrated teasers hinting "Original Sin" implication [...]

The writers and voice actors behind the hit Cartoon Network series "Regular Show" dish on [...]

Brett explains, in detail, exactly why Daredevil's chubby buddy means so much to both the chara [...]

Brian Cronin uses the Force to determine, did the boy band 'N Sync really film a scene for [...]

Mark Waid and Jim Cheung kick off "Original Sin" with a "wonderfully revealing" [...]

Guardians of the Galaxy poised for a major push, lots of secrets, and the case of a missing hero in [...]

Marvel is back with its second ORIGINAL SIN teaser this week, this one for July's SPIDER-MAN. [...]

Take a look at the day-of reviews from the Best Shots review crew for April 23, 2014. [...]

All will be well, the Blue Lantern Corps is here! [...]

Take a look at a gallery for next week's episode of Arrow before tonight's even airs! [...]

Isometric party-based RPG. Real-time with pause. Fantasy. Platform: PC. Yep, that sounds a lot like [...]

OMOCAT isn't just a rad art person. She's also making a game, one that you should check ou [...]

I have played many a golf game in my life. I had never, until yesterday, played one that described i [...]

Adam Duncan is a director at 12 Field, the animation studio behind the cinematics for the gorgeous A [...]

I hate being in the ocean. Shallow beaches, I can handle, but the deep sea terrifies me more than sp [...]

In The Company vs. The Store, Lloyd talks about complementing The Business of Gaming Retail. [...]

Today The Culture Column takes a look at Irem, The City of Pillars. [...]

Today's Fuzzy Thinking talks about the all-important Party Rule #6, and we've also got a r [...]

Today's reviews cover Pathfinder: City of Secrets #1. [...]

Ken talks about FTL Communication in today's look at The Future. [...]

Artist Nychos has already dazzled us with his grand anatomical murals . Now he turns his paintbrush [...]

Aw, this trailer for the comedy short The Portal is adorable. And not just because it has Tahmoh Pen [...]

Maximum water levels in New York harbor during major storms have risen by nearly two-and-a-half feet [...]

Star Wars fans should count themselves lucky that George Lucas found talented sound designer Ben Bur [...]

Last night's Supernatural included one emblematic moment of Dean Winchester badassery that is b [...]

Game BanditEnter for a chance to win one of Shape magazine’s gift bags given to celebrities on Hollywood Game N [...]

Second Look—MezmoA while back ago I had posted about Mezmo, a tile laying game by Walter Sharrow. I’ve had the game f [...]

Citadel Tool SetThis is absolutely beautiful. This gorgeous set of tools contains all of the new Citadel Tools; Fine [...]

PAX East 2014: Part4Game Salute Game Salute is always a great place to visit at a convention. The wide variety of games [...]

PAX East 2014: Part 3High Heavens Ryan Lesser, known in the video-game world for Guitar Hero, Rock Band. Beatles:Rock Ban [...]