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Now that the Justice League movie is upon us, CBR lists 15 reasons why the DCEU is a better DC Comic [...]

Real chemistry is tough to fake, but these 15 on-screen couples in superhero movies tried their best [...]

We've compiled an index of CBR's features pertaining to Justice League, the latest cinemat [...]

With Justice League finally theaters, we examine all of the scenes from the trailers that don't [...]

HBO's Watchmen TV writer Damon Lindelof recently spoke up about the in-development show, praisi [...]

For the second time in two weeks we look back at the career of our most influential creative forces [...]

JUSTICE LEAGUE cinematographer FABIAN WAGNER brought his colorful eye to the now-in-theaters film. [...]

JUSTICE LEAGUE is on track to fall short of its predicted domestic opening take. [...]

The Mignola-verse, Tomb Raider, BUFFY, and more. [...]

And notes concern of Marvel cancelling the titles. [...]

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Today's OSR reviews cover two core rules sets: ZWEIHNDER Grim & Perilous RPG and Neoclassic [...]

Today we're thrilled to kick off a new column full of player advice. Character Class begins wit [...]

We've got lot'sa reviews of dice today: Pathfinder: Ruins of Azlant Dice Set, Starfinder: [...]

Whoops, we ran our newest Fuzzy Thinking incorrectly yesterday. For the real comic, take a look at: [...]

Welcome back from the holiday weekend before the holidays. We're leading off the week with Fuzz [...]

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Star Wars Game Construction KitNew from Mattel is Star Wars Bloxels, a video game construction kit. As with the original Bloxels, t [...]

NecromundaGames Workshop is bringing back Necromunda, its skirmish game of futuristic gang warfare. The new ve [...]

Betrayal LegacyWizards of the Coast today announced Betrayal Legacy, an upcoming game based on its Betrayal at Hous [...]

MtG from WizKidsWizKids has announced an expansion of its licensing agreement with Wizards of the Coast to include M [...]

GURPS on DriveThruRPGSteve Jackson Games has made GURPS ebook products available through DriveThruRPG. Previously, the co [...]