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Marvel's 'Jessica Jones' Confirms S.J. Clarkson as First Episodes DirectorMarvel’s Jessica Jones has taken an unusual approach to early promotion, only releasing its first ph [...]

'Flash of Two Worlds' Photos Introduce Jay Garrick, Patty SpivotThe moment The Flash first teased that Golden Age speedster Jay Garrick would join Barry Allen for S [...]

'Kingsman 2' to Begin Shooting Next Spring, Has Just One Tiny Problem to Solve FirstTaron Egerton has become quite popular since his breakout role earlier this year in Matthew Vaughn’s [...]

'Mad Max' Director George Miller Wants to Make a Smaller Movie Next, Not 'Man of Steel 2'About a month ago a rumor was circulating that Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller was in talk [...]

Taika Waititi in Talks to Direct 'Thor: Ragnarok'Big news from the land of Asgard; stuff so surprising not even Heimdall could have seen it coming. T [...]

CSBG collects notable comic retcons, like when the driving death of the classic X-Men graphic novel [...]

Keith's Comics co-owner Keith Colvin shares with "Store Tour" some of the secrets to [...]

Entertainment Weekly has released new images from the upcoming illustrated edition of the acclaimed [...]

Comic Book Legends Revealed dives into the strange history of the man known as Bishop, and the diffe [...]

A battle has ripped a hole in the sky, bringing all kinds of monsters to Earth in IDW's "S [...]

Writer/Director Josh Boone has tweeted that the first draft of his script is complete. [...]

Brian Stelfreeze talks about his and Ta-Nehisi Coates new take on the Wakandan king and what it mean [...]

Mike Allred and Shaun Simon imagine a world where artwork comes to live -- and someone has to police [...]

Acclaimed TV director S.J. Clarkson revealed to have directed the first two episodes of the upcoming [...]

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS director Taike Waititi is reportedly in talks to helm Marvel's upcomi [...]

My wife let me buy this mask for $15 at Target. She made a horrible mistake. Read more... [...]

Shooty Skies takes the addictive formula that made road-crossing mobile game Crossy Road a smash hit [...]

There’s not a lot of gameplay in the first five minutes of the sixth installment of Nippon Ichi’s ta [...]

Yep, that’s about the ugliest PlayStation 4 console I can imagine. Read more... [...]

Welcome to Kotaku’s Sunday Comics, your pretty much weekly roundup of the best webcomics. The images [...]

We finish up the week with a motley trio of RPG reviews from GMing advice to World War II horror. [...]

A trio of board and card game reviews today! 6 Nimmt! is a new edition of a German classic, Alchemis [...]

Why is 1454 important for our world creation? Bryan explains in Speed of Thought, today's Greet [...]

Happy 100th Birthday to Fuzzy Thinking, which today is looking at Multitasking. Maybe. We've al [...]

Today Pelgrane offers us a look at The Rhythm of Ensemble in DramaSystem and we've also got two [...]

Mars has long been a destination for science fiction authors. As we’ve learned more and more about t [...]

While digging in his field on Monday, Michigan farmer James Bristle found what he thought was ordina [...]

Yep, that’s right: more Transformers sequels are on the way. Stephen J. Davis of Hasbro noted during [...]

Jean-Claude Van Damme is known for movies like Universal Soldier and Cyborg, as well as the awesomel [...]

Here’s your heartwarming story of the day: 7 year old Spencer Holt was deputized by the Pasco County [...]

Battle for ZendikarToday marks the full release of Battle for Zendikar, the latest expansion set for Magic: The Gatheri [...]

Tiny RobotsDoorway Games has announced their new game, Tiny Robots, will be available for sale at Essen Spiel i [...]

Game BanditThe Collector’s Trove is auctioning art and other roleplaying items from the collections of artists [...]

Boards to Bytes—A Roundup of Recent Board Game App DevelopmentsSplendor is now available for PCs via Steam. And Days of Wonder has upgraded the game (iOS and Andro [...]

Kickstarter Preview—BitCratesDo you hate when you’re playing a game and the loose bits get knocked all over the place? Tired of u [...]