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The Superpoll: Pratt vs. Evans, Round II: Guardians Vs. AvengersChris Evans and Chris Pratt have made a bet on the outcome of this weekend's Super Bowl that wi [...]

'Ivar, Timewalker' Is the Violent, Manipulative Version Of 'Doctor Who' That I've Always WantedA few years ago, around the time that Matt Smith was gearing up to replace David Tennant, I briefly [...]

Toy Review: Hasbro Avengers: Age of Ultron All-Star Series, Wave 1The deluge of Avengers: Age of Ultron merchandise is almost upon us, and in some places, it's a [...]

DC Solicits 'Legends Of The Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle' For Release In JulyLegendary Batman artist Norm Breyfogle has been in the news quite a bit lately, owing to the recent [...]

Tom Taylor Takes His Final Bows In 'The Unwritten: Apocalypse' #12 [Preview]When Mike Carey and Peter Gross launched The Unwritten in 2009, it seemed like a concept tailor-made [...]

"Secret Wars" is poised to change the Marvel Universe as we know it -- so, why shouldn [...]

CSBG is now accepting submissions from African-American comic creators who want their books spotligh [...]

The Pied Piper arrives in Central City to wreak havoc and expose one of Harrison Well's greates [...]

It's Wednesday, and that means new comics! Click here to read over 100 previews from your favor [...]

As Marvel pulls out the oddest Captain America cameo imaginable, "Agent Carter" straddles [...]

Next week DC's Earth One series of graphic novels continues with Superman: Earth One Vol. 3 by [...]

Two minutes, four heroes, six containment suits, 10 standout points. [...]

Artist Mikel Janín talks about the his influences and how they work into his art for the hit DC spy [...]

Take a look at two comic book previews from IDW and Hasbro for titles shipping January 28, 2015. [...]

Casanova Quinn returns, the ghost of Gotham Academy is hunted down, and more! [...]

We've seen how amazing Daniel "Abysswolf" Oliver is at demaking characters from any v [...]

But what does it take to create a robot dragon in Kerbal Space Program, a game centered around build [...]

The same game can be different things to different people, with gender, history, age, cultural backg [...]

And pretty well, mind you. But he does play Super Mario World by using his nose to blow into a music [...]

I wasn't expecting to enjoy Nosgoth . In all honesty I only loaded up the beta because it was f [...]

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is one of the most innovative games of the last several years; take a [...]

Iron Kingdoms is back today with a look at Adventuring Companies. [...]

Today we've got a fuzzy look at an old-school fireball and a critical look at an old-school pri [...]

The folks over at Humble Bundle are doing something new: they've released a bundle of electroni [...]

Today Iron Kingdoms Unleashed reveals its Map Tiles and we present several Throat Punch Reviews. [...]

Over on The Atlantic Ta-Nehisi Coates has written an essay on why he hopes to see the marriage of Ma [...]

Fox's new horror comedy show has added another well-known name to it's motley cast: Nick J [...]

With fictional worlds come fictional alcohol. But not just alcohol that's bad for you in the us [...]

One of the benefits of living where it snows, or taking a trip to snow with your dog, is watching a [...]

Game BanditMonte Cook Games is running a Recursion Design Contest for The Strange RPG. I’m not sure what a recu [...]

Second Look—Kromore Roleplaying GameI don’t know if it’s a Kickstarter curse, or not, but this is the second roleplaying game coming off [...]

Love Letter: Batman and The HobbitWe’ve already warned you about Love Letter: Batman, but Alderac Entertainment will be releasing Love [...]

Dragon Age: Inquisition Playing CardsRecently released by Dark Horse, is a standard deck of cards with art from Dragon Age: Inquisition. [...]

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for FaerunLate but not lost, WizKids plans to begin shipping next month Battle for Faerun, the first set of th [...]