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Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club Sequel Coming From Dark Horse With Art By Cameron StewartEighteen years after Fight Club first saw print, author Chuck Palahniuk is returning to the world of [...]

The Comics Alliance Guide to San Diego Comic-Con 2014: What To Do On ThursdayWith more than 200 panels to choose from at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday alone, the programming a [...]

Actor-Turned-Author Evangeline Lilly Spins A Spooky Illustrated Story For Kids With 'The Squickerwonkers' [Interview]Evangeline Lilly is a familiar name to sci-fi and genre fans – she broke into Hollywood's major [...]

Women Of Dynamite: Gail Simone To Oversee The Vampirella/Dejah Thoris/Red Sonja Crossover You've Been Waiting ForWhen a company acquires the rights to a bunch of licensed characters, a crossover between them is al [...]

Just Say The Word: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson All But Confirms 'Shazam' Movie Role [Video]Dwayne Johnson, better known to wrestling fans from his time in WWE as The Rock, has long been rumor [...]

Dropping the clue “Just say the word,” actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson seems to suggest th [...]

Kevin Feige explains why "Sinister" director Scott Derrickson is the right choice to helm [...]

Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael discusses the poster, record and VHS company's move into the world of [...]

This week at Comic-Con in San Diego, Man of Action's Steven T. Seagle will unveil "The Bus [...]

From "Blade" to "X-Men," CBR looks back at some of the notable franchises whose [...]

The comic book writer can now put comic book movie screenwriter on his resume, for a project playing [...]

Take a final look at last week's books from Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, and more with the Best Shot [...]

Man of Action Entertainment has a convention exclusive for the first time ever, coming to their boot [...]

The worlds of the TV DCU and Movie DCU will not be crossing over, says Geoff Johns. [...]

Brian Michael Bendis is sharing his tricks of the trade,and we talk with him about his new book. [...]

I once wrote about an indie adventure game called Nelly Cootalot. It was so long ago however that th [...]

Efflam Mercier doesn't just have an incredible name (go on, say it out loud), he's also qu [...]

Matt Relf has found a smart way to turn a small laptop into the kind of multi-screen setup you norma [...]

In a lot of ways, Maniac Mansion is where it all began for Lucasarts (or Lucasfilm Games, as it was [...]

Princess Zelda is real, and she lives in Finland.Read more... [...]

Today's we've got a dicey Fuzzy Thinking and new reviews of Blade of the Iron Throne and I [...]

We've got another review of the D&D Basic Rules today. [...]

The Culture Column is back with The Dry Farmers, Part 1, a peaceful, Godly peoples. [...]

It's Monday, so our Fuzzy Thinking cartoon is fresh from the artist's pen. [...]

We've got another review of the D&D 5e Basic Rules today, this one talking about the " [...]

We've had Pokémon shaming , and now we have the United Federation of Planet's edition. The [...]

If you needed any more proof that everything from the trailers is from early on in the movie, here i [...]

Batgirl may not make her first official outing in her new outfit until this fall, but in his latest [...]

Last night, everyone in Bon Temps got drunk and made really bad decisions at a wake party—as you do [...]

I don't mean that as a judgment, just a statement of fact. "Shell Shocked," the new s [...]

Ibyron: Island of DiscoveryAnother new game just listed on The Game Crafter, Ibyron: Island of Discovery comes to us from desig [...]

Kickstarter Preview—TeratozoicAuthor Teel McClanahan III has just launched a Kickstarer for his first game, Teratozoic. The game i [...]

Second Look—Super Dungeon ExploreWhat’s a great dungeon crawler, lighter the Descent: Journeys in The Dark, and comes packed with som [...]

NightlightDefend Against the Nightmare in the first release from BNKB Games, Nightlight! This cooperative card [...]

Trade your boardgames with TwitterLooking for an easy way to trade board games? BoardgameTrades Beta has just opened up, and trading g [...]