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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Recap, Episode 19: 'The Only Light in the Darkness'On tonight's Agents of SHIELD, Phil Coulson utters the line, "HYDRA just released the enti [...]

DC And Vertigo Comic Book Releases For July 2014 [Solicitations]Courtesy of DC Comics, ComicsAlliance brings you an advance look at new periodical comic books, coll [...]

MEGO Spider-Man Is Reborn In Diamond Select Toys' Limited Edition Collector's SetWhether a person is old enough to be nostalgic for it from the '70s or simply fell in love with [...]

4,000-Foot 'Big Nate' Strip Sets World Record For 'Longest Cartoon Strip Created By A Team' [Video]I am completely unfamiliar with Lincoln Pierce's Big Nate, owing mostly to the fact that it is [...]

Boom! Studios Expands Executive Lineup With An Eye Toward Movies And MultimediaBoom! Studios has officially opened up shop on the 20th Century Fox lot, as per the publisher's [...]

Ethan Van Sciver and Gary Frank help bring DC Comics' event "Forever Evil" to a close [...]

John Layman and Rob Guillory's Image Comics series "Chew" is in motion as an animated [...]

Robert Venditti, writer of "X-O Manowar," "Surrogates," "Green Lantern [...]

This week, Augie saw the new "Captain America" movie, finds a TV Superman appearance from [...]

Last week was another stellar one for readers, as "Zero Year" brought the goods in "B [...]

Take a look at some of this week's books before you hit the comic shop today! [...]

The middle of the summer isn't just for San Diego, it's for new comics! Here's the bi [...]

Editor Mike Marts talks about this week’s #14 – the team’s 100th issue in total says Marvel – what t [...]

The whole DC Universe jumps into the Future in September, and the advance solicitations have reveale [...]

DC's solicitations and preview covers images for DC Comics - The New 52 titles going on sale in [...]

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's 12-minute-long trailer has inspired a lot of people late [...]

Yes, even reverse explosions can be mellow. All you need is the right mood.Read more... [...]

It's hard to imagine the rotund dictator and supreme leader of the Democratic People's Rep [...]

Anaheim. WonderCon 2014. Cosplayers. Deadpool. Just the ingredients needed for some lighthearted hil [...]

It would look A LOT like this. Read more... [...]

In The Company vs. The Store, Lloyd talks about complementing The Business of Gaming Retail. [...]

Today The Culture Column takes a look at Irem, The City of Pillars. [...]

Today's Fuzzy Thinking talks about the all-important Party Rule #6, and we've also got a r [...]

Today's reviews cover Pathfinder: City of Secrets #1. [...]

Ken talks about FTL Communication in today's look at The Future. [...]

You haven't heard cheesy science-fiction dialogue delivered with total aplomb until you've [...]

It would look A LOT like this. Read more... [...]

The "bio-duck" noise is a mysterious sound that submarine operators and scientists have be [...]

As frustrating as The Tomorrow People can get, and as dim as the Tomorrow People often are, at least [...]

We're shaken up from the weirdness in vN, Madeline Ashby's novel about artificial consciou [...]

Game BanditEnter for a chance to win one of Shape magazine’s gift bags given to celebrities on Hollywood Game N [...]

Second Look—MezmoA while back ago I had posted about Mezmo, a tile laying game by Walter Sharrow. I’ve had the game f [...]

Citadel Tool SetThis is absolutely beautiful. This gorgeous set of tools contains all of the new Citadel Tools; Fine [...]

PAX East 2014: Part4Game Salute Game Salute is always a great place to visit at a convention. The wide variety of games [...]

PAX East 2014: Part 3High Heavens Ryan Lesser, known in the video-game world for Guitar Hero, Rock Band. Beatles:Rock Ban [...]