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Everyone Shut Up, Robin Carrie Kelly's Going To Be On 'Teen Titans Go' Next Week [Video]Listen, it's hard for me to get excited when comic book characters I love show up in mass media [...]

The Joker's Surprise Appearance At The 1989 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Is A True Act Of Supervillainy [Video]It's nearly Thanksgiving here in America, which means that the streets of New York City will be [...]

Buy This Book: 'Flash Gordon Annual 2014′ Redeems The Annual, Makes Case For A Dale Arden SeriesAnnuals get a bad rap. I'm pretty sure it's because they formed the core of some truly ter [...]

Five Pilgrim Action Figures To Class Up Your Thanksgiving TableThis week Americans will gather 'round their respective tables with friends and family to refle [...]

Dropping The Cool Veneer: Becky & Frank Welcome You To The World of Capture Creatures [Interview]Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt have established themselves as a creative team who excel at making [...]

DC Comics has dedicated "The Flash" #36 to one of its artists, André Coelho, who passed aw [...]

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Brett lists the comics, movies and television shows he's thankfu [...]

CSBG debuts a new feature where you explain why one character would defeat another and then a pair o [...]

"Superior Foes of Spider-Man" creative team Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber are set to reuni [...]

This week, we examine whether there was a failed "She-Hulk" TV pilot that would've be [...]

Take a look at some of today's biggest releases with the Best Shots crew. [...]

Not so fast, tweeted the comic book writer responsible for the scene some fans are interpreting as M [...]

From adorable robots to the Thing Ring, Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four doesn’t look so bad, huh? [...]

The writer answers questions about this week's big reveal in the pages of AQUAMAN. [...]

We think we got a handle on who Peter Quill's real movie daddy is and you're going to be k [...]

The death of the Dreamcast was a sad event and the end of an era. But every cloud has a silver linin [...]

Some of the bugs in the newly released Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires sure look familiar. Too bad they [...]

The build was created by Microsoft Sweden's event manager, Daniel Steinholtz—and after finishin [...]

This year is not over. We have one more month! But, let's look back at some, certainly not all, [...]

Even at full price, the $35 Chromecast is one of the best deals in tech, so when it's a full 1/ [...]

Enjoy your Turkey (in the US; some restrictions may apply) and if you're thankful for RPGnet, p [...]

Today Tales from the Rocket House talks about unlikely options in OD&D, while we've four bo [...]

Sandy looks a Designing vs. Non-fiction Writing in today's Soapbox. [...]

We're happy to have early looks at both Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition and The Dracula Dossier tod [...]

How is Victoriana doing in its third edition? Read the new review today. [...]

Both Noah and Exodus: Gods and Kings are epic films filled huge numbers of visual effects. And even [...]

The warning signs were all there: the slow accumulation of orange gasses visible at night, the gradu [...]

Even at full price, the $35 Chromecast is one of the best deals in tech, so when it's a full 1/ [...]

By now, the Nest Learning Thermostat needs no introduction. You probably already know that it almost [...]

On January 15, the Vancouver Poetry House Society held its annual Nerd Poetry Slam. Matt Loeb's [...]

Second Look—Garruk’s RevengeThe first expansion for Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers, Garruk’s Revenge, has been out for [...]

Game BanditThe daily prize in Spin Master’s sweepstakes is a copy of the company’s new What the Face? game. The [...]

WTF? Game is Not What You ThinkWhat the Face? is a new adult party game from Spin Master. Each round, two players nominate face car [...]

Hasbro Deal for DreamWorks Killed by the MouseWhen Hasbro’s potential acquisition of DreamWorks Animation died last week, it may have been the Mou [...]

Carlsen Retains World Chess Champion TitleFacing Viswanathan Anand, whom he defeated last year to claim the title, Magnus Carlsen of Norway ha [...]