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Heartbreak And Secrets With The Cast & Creators Of 'Regular Show' At Comic-Con 2014 [Video]The last year of Cartoon Network's Regular Show has brought some pretty huge changes to the liv [...]

Gotham Academy: Cloonan & Fletcher On Women, Children And The Future Of DC's Batman Line [Interview]DC Comics' upcoming Gotham Academy by Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl is one o [...]

Get Ready To Wander Through A Mystical (And Dangerous) Tokyo With 'Wayward' #1 [Preview]Here at ComicsAlliance, we're already pretty excited about Jim Zub and Steve Cummings' Way [...]

Guardians Of The Galaxy: A Star (Lord) Is Born [Review]Director James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy is a big gamble for Marvel Studios. It's an [...]

Fiona Staples Takes A Swing At The New God Of Thunder For 'Thor' #1 Variant CoverSaga co-creator Fiona Staples is one of the best cover artists in the industry, so it's no surp [...]

Disney Interactive has added more than Marvel heroes to "Disney Infinity 2.0" -- and CBR N [...]

The Dark Horse hero is trapped, fighting for her life when a bounty hunter tries to capture her in C [...]

Marvel EIC Axel Alonso spoke with CBR TV in San Diego to explain why Avengers NOW! is writer-driven, [...]

Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta delivers a strong sophomore issue with "Outcast" #2, and t [...]

The writers and producers of "Robot Chicken" previewed the "Bitch Pudding Special, [...]

The Phantasm has returned, the series has gone to a weekly shipping schedule, and the missing time b [...]

He has more than one hit series out now from Marvel Comics, and we pick Nathan Edmondson's brai [...]

Lucas Siegel has seen Star Wars Rebels' premiere episode, and gives you five things to be on th [...]

SUPERMAN: DOOMED continues in next week's Action Comics Annual. [...]

Get your Crystal Gems action with this exclusive preview of the new series and an interview with the [...]

Video game developer won't listen to your pleas for a big, game-changing feature? Then there [...]

Evo Moment 37 happened a decade ago. That means we're all older and, hopefully, wiser. The Daig [...]

PlayStation Now went into an open beta earlier this week in the U.S. and Canada. So now that the Pla [...]

Ponies are largely the focus here at BronyCon 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland, but they're also an [...]

August: It's not just the name of a month, it's a word that means "respected and impr [...]

The first day of August brings a classic review of Dungeon Magazine #1. Go take a look at what 1986 [...]

Brent continues his look at Kids' Stuff by asking if classic D&D is good for kids. [...]

Today our reviews look at a few books for GMs: Never Unprepared and The GM's Complete Guide to [...]

Today's Greetings from Magrathea goes Out of this World to look at three nearby planets (and mo [...]

Today's Fuzzy Thinking looks at unusual weapons. [...]

In 2010, trees removed more than 17 million metric tons of pollution from the air. In doing so, they [...]

The writers of Project Greenlight's Feast have written a screenplay about a robot insurgency—an [...]

The last of the July short stories put a nice pin in the month. A couple of long reads, a few recurr [...]

Some movies just drop you in the deep end, and let you figure out what's going on. And some mov [...]

Amid the many hidden treasures in the New York Public Library is a huge collection of hand-typed rev [...]

Zombies!!! Third EditionTwilight Creations has just announced Zombies!!! Third Edition. This new edition of the game adds ne [...]

Nu Brand Gaming—Play Space in BrooklynOpened recently in Brooklyn, New York is the self-described hobby center, Nu Brand Gaming. It’s not [...]

MtG Judge Promos—Distribution Changes and Full-Art Land CardsWizards of the Coast is changing how it distributes special judge promotional cards for Magic: The G [...]

Diplomacy With a DiplomatOn public radio’s This American Life, host Ira Glass spoke to reporter David Hill about his experien [...]

Wreck Age: Showdown at Burnt Tierra GulchHyacynth Games has just released the first 2-player starter set for Wreck Age. The set, Showdown at [...]